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8 September
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acceptance, acting, aida, aim, air conditioning, alarm clocks, amegayism, anarchy, andy zipf, angel, anne rice, architecture, bed, bells, black, boots, breaks, brecht, buffy the vampire slayer, caffiene, calligraphy, candles, carebears, cell phones, chocolate, christmas, coffee, computers, cosmopolitanism, crayons, csi: suv, darkness, dean koontz, deana carter, design, dilbert, disappearing, disney, dog sees god, drawing, e-mail, elphie, endings, europe, fiberoptics, finding neverland, flying, forbidden broadway, fuzzy things, ghost of the robot, gloves, guitars, hall talks, hamlet, harry potter, holidays, home, homecooked meals, honda c-rvs, horses, jackets, james marsters, jimmy eat world, johnny depp, journals, joyce cobb, knitting, kohls, les miserables, letters, lighting design, lion king, mail, manual light boards, martina mcbride, metal, monk, music, musical theatre, musicals, naps, new york city, norah jones, ocd, papillions, pencils, peter pan, pictures, plays at the perk, poetry, posters, props, quizzes, rain, reading, rent, rubber bands, savage garden, shakespeare, shoes, shopping, singing, sketchy, sleep, space, spike, spontaneousess, stage management, starbucks, surrealism, swatch, sylvia plath, taxidermy theatre, technical theatre, terrapins, the, the beltway, the metro, theatre, theatre memphis, theatre tech, tolerance, turtles, umbrellas, university of maryland, vacations, varilites, violins, walking, washington dc, webpage design, white cheddar popcorn, wicked, wicked cool, words, wraps, writing