Sara (elphieumd) wrote,

Today at work... I was inputing someone's prescription and there was a huge crash.. and I looked up and saw Ami looking confused standing next to the box that the order came in, so I assumed the box had fallen over and went back to my screen.  When I finished, I looked up again and actually studied the soggy mess on the floor and asked what happened.  Apparently, the ceiling tile collapsed... we spent the rest of the afternoon with water pouring in through the ceiling :oP

It was craaazy today... it seemed like everyone needed something, but I think I learned a lot.  It was slow enough that I could take the time to go through things as we did them instead of passing them off (not that there was anyone to pass them off to today).

I went home for a few days to get some photographs of the buffalo before they move them.  For awhile they've been on "display" (in publicly accessible paddocks) in The Villages, but because of increased interest and people stupidity (claiming injury from aggression when they rush the fence for carrots) they're being moved soon.  I got some great shots of the adults... and some adorable of the 3 week old babies that they've had (after the cut in a minute :o) )

Tomorrow I'm deep cleaning the apartment and trying to find a home for all the stuff I haven't put away yet... Becca arrives in Daytona Beach a week from today!!!!  We're going to Disney!!

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