Sara (elphieumd) wrote,

Best Day!

Today... I drove to Orlando to take my pharmacy tech test... I was terrified about it.. and kept checking and re-checking answers because I was sure when I hit submit test it was going to come back as "fail" buuuut I passed!!!!!

Theeen I got Backyard Burger.. which.. I never get... because the closest one to here is Orlando...

And theeen while I was napping... my mom called to tell me that my sister had her baby this afternoon!!!  One month before her scheduled birthday (to the day!  She was scheduled to be born April 17th!) Megan Marie was born!!  She weighs 4 lbs 11 ounces and she's breathing on her own.. she just couldn't wait to be born... my sister was at school when she went into labor... but she waited until the end of the day to go to the hospital... buuut... I have a niece!!!!  Now I just need to finish her blanket.. and the billions of socks that are no where near ready for her!
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